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After being indicted on criminal charges, you may not know how to go about receiving justice. From minor drug crimes to charges of murder, criminal proceedings can have serious legal consequences, such as significant fines and jail sentences. If you are facing a criminal case, Alex Taylor Law can help you work through it.

With many years of experience as a criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA, you can trust our criminal defense team to supply you with the reliable, trustworthy, and honest services you need to handle juvenile, felony, and misdemeanor cases. While we are all entitled to the right of a fair trial, this is not always the reality.

Our government and subsequent criminal justice officials have a limitless level of leverage and authority. In turn, obtaining an equal shot through our criminal justice system can be extremely difficult. We are dedicated to providing you with the legal representation you need in order to get the best result possible under the circumstances.

As the government bears the burden of proof during criminal proceedings, prosecutors will do everything in their power to paint your subsequent crimes in the worst light possible. As perception is often reality, the narrative created by a prosecutor can outshine the actual facts of a case.

To counteract this, our legal team will do everything in their power to present you in the best possible light. As there are numerous ways to tell the same story, we will work with you to create a theory surrounding the facts of the case that will promote your innocence. Our goal is to convince a judge and jury of your guiltlessness in an attempt to help you overcome criminal cases you may be up against. Regardless of the specifics of your criminal case, you can look to our legal team to help you overcome criminal charges.

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