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If you have been injured at the hands of another person—be it directly or indirectly—you are entitled to justice in the form of financial compensation. From a work related injury to being hit by a car, someone should be held liable. Alex Taylor Law is here to help you prove this liability.

With a strong background as a personal injury lawyer in Richmond, VA, you can trust our senior attorney to provide you with the services you need to deal with your injuries. Our law firm has the experience to help you achieve the legal resolution you are looking for.

In order to prove another person's liability in your personal injury, you must be able to convince a judge and jury of four elements. First, you must prove that the defendant owed you some form of duty. For instance, when undergoing a surgery, a medical provider has the duty to provide you with the level of care that you have paid for.

Secondly, you must prove that the defendant breached this duty in respect to you. For example, suppose that you underwent a surgery to have your injured left foot amputated and your right foot removed.

Third, you must prove that you would not have been injured if not for that actions of the defendant. In keeping with the surgery example, you would have kept your right foot if it were not for the injuries you received because of the defendants negligence.

Finally, you must prove that the injuries you received on behalf of the defendant caused you some form of damages. No matter the nature of your personal injury, we will help you obtain remuneration. Our legal team will do everything in their power to prove the negligence of your defendant.

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