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Have you received several traffic violations? Are you looking to avoid heavy fines? Do you seek the assistance of an expert legal team? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Alex Taylor Law can aid you in attaining legal results.

With many years of experience as a former prosecutor and defense attorney, you may utilize our traffic defense team for speeding, reckless driving, DUI and DWI charges traffic in Richmond, VA, you can look to our speeding ticket attorney or reckless driving While there are minor variations, most states have the same basic traffic laws.

Examples of common traffic violations include speeding, broken tail lights, running stop signs, making illegal U-turns, and failing to wear your seat belt. While most traffic infractions will only result in ticket, major offenses could result in more serious consequences.

Furthermore, the extent and scope of your violation will affect your level of punishment. For example, a reckless driving offender who was speeding in excess of eighty miles per hour could expect misdemeanor charges and a fine of $350 for three years. Alternatively, a second offense of driving without a license is classified as a class one misdemeanor and could result in jail time.

Contrarily, if you feel as though you have unjustly received a traffic violation, we will help you fight it. As no system is prefect, there are instances in which tickets and other forms of traffic violations are given out unfairly.

Additionally, you may wish to fight your traffic violations if the points you stand to accrue could result in a license suspension or higher insurance premium costs. Irrespective the nature of your traffic violations our legal team will help you find a solution. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the legal expertise and know-how they need to maneuver through the legal world of traffic law. You can trust our reliable, experienced, professional representative to meet all of your legal needs.

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